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Flip Valero

If you’re into MelodicRock/AOR than this is the CD you gotta add to your collection.
Excellent album with only killer tracks, a great ? why this didn’t hit it big in the melodic community.
Can’t wait for a second album!

Stacey Conley

What an awesome CD. What can I say. From seeing them and meeting them live and in person to hearing them on the album it just keeps getting better. They are a true rock band with outstanding energy and dedication. Also, a bunch of wonderful guys. Can’t wait to hear more boystown music in the future perhaps for a reunion. Keep up the good work. BOYSTOWN RULES!!Read more…

Rui Almeida

FANTASTIC release. Remember the great AOR and Melodic Rock Bands. Congratulations for all members of the Band for this great AOR master piece !!! I`ll recomended your CD in Portugal.

Susan Morse
This cd is awesome. I absolutely love it. This cd is excellent. I am so glad it is finally being heard. I was around to see the band when they first started out and I am so happy that they are finally getting the recognition they deserve. I love every song on the cd. I highly recommend this cd.

Border Rat
One of the finest cds I have ever bought from CD Baby
Sure thing,house of glass,boy inside a man,way of the world & the title track are real standout songs.The live song throw your hands up is a poor quality recording but the song is really enjoyable.I hope the band rerecord this live track in the studio for the next cd.I enjoyed every song on this cd and the lyrics are really great too.Please record another cd like this one guys.You are a really special band
and the quality of your songs is top drawer.Read more…

Randy Horton
It’s about time!!

It’s about time that I found a CD that I actually like every song on it. The songs on this CD are so addicting that I find myself singing them in my head all day. The song “Get Up” is awesome. This CD has it all from slow melodies to fast beat rocking songs. I highly recommend this CD.

jersey music
awesome brings back lots of memories

loved it wish i was there when they played

For lover’s of AOR and Jersey Rock!

This is one of the great lost cd’s of the 80’s. Why this band didn’t break big is beyond me. Great vocals,hooks,
harmonies, all the elements of classic AOR with a Jersey
twist ala Bon Jovi and Surgin’. Buy it!Read more…
Melodic Rock gem!

THE definition of a lost melodic rock gem! Get yourself a copy of this while stocks last!! Any more shelved tunes of this quality should be relased pronto!
Steve Morgan
One of the Most Under Rated Albums Ever. Period
If you have a pulse and reckon you know something about Music then track this album down and buy it. It’s rare that an album comes along with not one duff track on it but this is one of those gems. Having worked with these guys (I’m still attending Monthly therapy sessions – only joking) the tour they were on at the time remains one of the “great memories”.

Spring Valley Pic

Wonderful Collection of Great Songs
This is one of those interesting collections. Full of wonderful lyrics that evoke all forms of thoughts, feelings etc yet…..not afraid to take you into some very dark places (especially in Hard Times for a Heartbreak) where the power and depth of the song really challenges you.
In today’s world of “glib melodies” and even “glibber lyrics” (if such a word exists) then this collection takes the listener back to the halcyon days of the Great American Songwriters of old. This would not sound out of place in any collection comprising the likes of Jackson Browne et al.
Favourite track? “Tom and Huck” every time..there is just something about that great opening line and the really evocatively simple melody that takes you right back into the world of Mark Twain and life on the Mississippi.

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